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hiddleslady asked: You do realize that Frozen is set in Norway during a time period where the amount of POC were able to be counted all on 1 hand in comparison to the entire region correct? Expecting historical accuracy and tossing in a random POC for political correctness is fucking stupid.



Actually Frozen takes place in a fucking fairy tale kingdom with talking snow men. It’s based on Norway but why can’t it have POC? 

How is it politically correct to have black people ina magical kingdom? And it doesn’t have to be random because in a world where snow men talk and hearts are frozen and cities are enchanted, you can make it so that black people were there.

Just admit that you want more all white movies for the sake of them being all white when they really don’t have to be.

Just admit it and leave 

Isn’t it interesting though!?

When we sit and watch, read, or listen to ANYTHING fiction we do not question that world’s canon.

You lose your sense of reality because you WANT to believe the story you’re being told.

That is why we can easily accept talking inanimate toys, a world of witchcraft and wizardry, and even two brothers going against the supernatural.

But as SOON as someone that is brown, identifies as a woman, is queer, shapely, disabled, etc. you all of a sudden can’t believe it!

Your fantasy crumbles at your feet when others that are only asking to be represented and included in this fantastical world as well want to experience it too. You suddenly bring out how it’s not “historically accurate” or that “it doesn’t make sense” to include more real people that physically share the same world as you for such and such basic-mindless reasons.

But you do not question the magic.

You do not question the hooded figures in the dog park.

You do not argue the impossibility of a talking snowman and a dog-like moose.

You easily accept all of those things and more but you’d be damned if a brown, disabled, and/or queer, woman/dude is included in the story as well.

Then it’s just being “politically correct”.

You’re a backwards human being and you need to take a second look on your life.

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